For Alfredo Rodríguez, painting was as much a part of childhood development as learning to walk and speak sensation.
Born in 1961, Alexander Sheversky grew up in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, helping his father draw on walls..
D.W.C. Girls and Pumpkin - David Gray.
His art education has continued with independent and occasional formal studies in pictorial expression and oil painting.
D.W.C. Horse - Spartaco Lombardo
Spartaco Lombardo was born in Luino, Italy; by the Lake Maggiore, the 26th of March 1958. Modern figurative painter, ...
You can also display videos, "Click the red button"... Puzzling Erotic - Painter Horyon Lee

Paint with a Brush Dance..!!
My Hobby Dance with Colors.. All oil painting pictures on this blog are taken from the internet does not belong to me... With a little research you can easily find. Does not serve any commercial purpose. There is not advertising on the page. lightning..

D.W.C. Dreams - Painter Dario Campanile

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Born April 21, 1948 in Rome, Dario started to sketch as a very young child. At the age of six, his talent for art was encouraged with the gift of a small set of watercolors from an uncle, himself a painter. When he was 14, Dario was bedridden with a kidney ailment for three months, and his father gave him his first oil paints to cheer him up. As soon as he began to work with them, there was a sense of familiarity of being able to easily express himself in this medium. This experience influenced him profoundly to continue with his art.

After graduating with honors from an industrial design course, Dario spent time concentrating on painting in the classical style, mostly still lifes. In 1967 he entered his first art competition in Norma, Italy. Dario was the youngest participant to receive awards, and was praised by the judges for his excellent work.

At the age of eighteen, Dario had the good fortune to meet Giorgio de Chirico, the Italian master of metaphysical art. Dario showed him some paintings and asked if he should attend art school. De Chirico counseled the young painter to simply experiment and continue discovering his own techniques. Inspired by this encounter, Dario found that his own hard work and discipline proved to be his best teachers. He continued to work full time on his art, and by the time he was twenty, he was successfully exhibiting his paintings in the Galleria Esedera in Rome, and attracting the attention of international collectors.




D.W.C. Spring - Painter Michelle Murray

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Michelle was born in 1962 in Michigan and raised in Ohio before coming to Alberta, Canada, as a young adult. She now resides in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her husband Sean and on their family. She is the mother of eight and grandmother of 11.

D.W.C. Circus - Painter Amy Lind

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Amy Lind's status as an emerging figurative painter is becoming more and more evident. At the young age of 27, Lind's work had already graced the cover of two nationally renowned magazines, Art Calendar (May 2010) and American Art Collector (December 2010), and in February (2011) she was named Southwest Art magazine's "Artist to Watch: the Editor's Choice for Up-and-Coming Talent." She was recently recognized with honorable mentions in the prestigious Art Renewal Center Salon and the Portrait Society of America's Member's Only competition. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and additional instruction from the Florence Academy of Art and the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier, Lind's eclectic training is visible in both the traditional and contemporary qualities that her paintings possess. Compelled by the striking subjects around her, she poetically infuses captivating qualities of color and intriguing light into each of her paintings while attempting to convey a sense of life, beauty, and truth.  Lind's work hangs around the world in both public and private collections. 

D.W.C. The Woman in Black - Painter Carrie Graber

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Born 1975, American Carrie had the pleasure of growing up in Southern California, hot summers and warm glowing colors forever romanticized their way into her work. She graduated with distinction, in the fall of 1997 from Art Center College of Design where she studied with such luminaries as Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean and Richard Bunkall. Shortly thereafter, she took a position as an artist apprentice with famous Impressionist Aldo Luongo.  A short year later, Aldo sponsored her to develop a body of her own work. Carrie's first opening was in coastal Cambria, California in 1999, and a success. For the next decade, Carrie traveled the world, showing exquisitely developed oil paintings and charcoal drawings. Her admiration for figure and form, juxtaposed with observations of light and shadow, and steeped in a fascination with composition materialized in hundreds of paintings.

D.W.C. Lover and Flower - Painter Pieter Wagemans

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Pieter Wagemans was born on 11 August 1948 in Merksem, close to the city of Antwerp, Belgium. From his youth Pieter has always been able to express himself spontaneously through the artistic gift that he probably inherited from his father. Even from his early years it seemed likely that he would develop this gift further. At the age of 15 he decided to take lessons at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

D.W.C. Woman Portraits - Painter Jie Wei Zhou

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Jie Wei Zhou (Chinese, b.1962) was born in Shanghai, China, and is a master realist painter whose brushwork is characterized by its Impressionistic qualities. Working in oil, watercolor, and acrylic, he has won numerous awards, and has exhibited widely in China and the United States. He began studying art in middle school where his talent was recognized by his teachers. Even as a child, he took a sketchbook wherever he went, immersing himself in the study of light and form. He studied both Russian and French painting styles, earning a BA Degree from the Shanghai Normal University and a MFA from the Shanghai Drama Institute in 1991. He was one of only 11 students to do so, in a city of 13 million.

D.W.C. Gypsy - Painter Boleslaw von Szankowski

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Boleslaw von Szankowski (1873-1953) was born in Poland. Among the most known and famous artworks of Boleslaw von Szankowski are Innocence, Young Beauty with Apple, Elegant lady with black hat. We constantly update information about artists, their work, exhibitions and art galleries. 

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